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Why study in Australia?

In Australia , there are 41 universities, 38 of which are public (government-funded) and three of which are private. In Australia, the university is regarded as the greatest level of education. International students seeking a Student Visa in Australia have a wide range of courses and degrees to select from.

A student can apply for and receive a work visa in Australia after graduating. International students planning to live and work in Australia have the most methodical choice available to them: a visa.

Only after finishing at least two years of study in Australia may students apply for a 485 visa, which allows them to stay in Australia for 18 months to obtain work experience. The 442 visas, which allows international students to improve their professional skills in Australia for up to two years while being sponsored by a business, is another alternative for international students.

This visa allows students to work in a specialized geographical area for three years while pursuing permanent residency .

The majority of Australian cities have the lowest crime rate, and most of the public places are open and secure for college students to roam around. Students have the preference to stay in less expensive accommodations, built-in villages, rented apartments, etc.

Studying in Australia is comparatively cheaper, and with scholarships been granted to many overseas students, covering the fee of education and different primary expenses turns into highly simpler and stress-free.

Another compelling cause to select Australia to learn about is of the direction its breath-taking landscapes. The complete country brims with golden sandy beaches, dense inexperienced forests, and the areas of the Great Barrier Reef. For students, there are a couple of travel selections to discover and trip for the duration of their free time.

Here are some of the reasons why you have to select to study overseas in Australia:

Globally ranked (g08) team of 8, elite institutions

  • Affordability
  • Work while you study
  • Extensive student guide services
  • Quality assurance
  • Diverse society
  • Standard of Living
  • Stress-free student visa procedure

Eligibility to find out about overseas in Australia

(Student Visa Requirements)

Ensure you meet all requirements

Copy of an up-to-date passport

Copy of English language proficiency check (if you are from a country the place English isn't the countrywide language)

Proof of funds to exhibit that you have sufficient monetary resources to guide your education and different living costs in Australia

To apply for undergraduate guides in universities of Australia:

The student needs to have minimum 12 years of most important and secondary education in Australia.

Must exhibit Australia Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or an equal certificate from their home country.


Study in Australia Cost

Scholarship in Australia

Popular Courses to study in Australia

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