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Why choose UK for study?

Qualifications and educational degrees earned in the United Kingdom are recognized, respected, and esteemed around the world. Your UK qualification will help you lay a solid basis for your future and advance your professional chances in terms of job satisfaction and compensation.

Studying in the United Kingdom is a pleasant and unique experience. Many universities in the United Kingdom are over 600 years old and provide a customized and personalized education.

Education model in UK

The education system in UK is a perfect education model that has stimulated many academic models throughout the globe.

UK has a complete of 5 stages of academic: (a) Early years, (b) Primary, (c) secondary, (d) Further Education (FE), and (e) Higher Education (HE). UK has made obligatory Education for all children between a long time of 5 and 16 (4 in Northern Ireland).

Under the system, FE has no longer been made compulsory however covers non-advanced education which can be availed at additional education colleges and HE institutions.

For the fifth stage, Higher Education is regarded past GCE A-stages and their equal for full-time college students takes place in universities.


Cost of study in UK?

Scholarships to study in UK?

UK students visa requirement

Top courses to study in UK

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